WordPress vs. Blogger: A Comparison

If you’re looking to start a blog, you need to select the right platform. That’s why it’s important to compare WordPress vs. Blogger.

WordPress vs. Blogger: A Comparison | Hannah Haefele

I’ve used both platforms in the past, but I only use WordPress now. However, it’s not the only good option, so read on to learn which is better for you.

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What Is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system that many people use to run blogs or websites. There are actually two versions of WordPress. One comes with website hosting included, while the other requires you to purchase hosting separately.

I’ve used WordPress with a separate host since 2016, and I love it. The platform is very flexible, but the other version is great if you’re just starting out.


The biggest feature of WordPress that you won’t get with Blogger is the ability to set a static home page. That means when someone types in the domain name of your blog, they’ll land on a page rather than a list of posts.

WordPress also allows you to sell services as well as digital or physical products. You can make a lot of those things come to life with plugins. That way, you don’t have to learn to code or hire a developer to edit your site.

I use plugins to help with SEO, track website traffic, and more. If you use self-hosted WordPress, you can upgrade or change hosts as necessary. That way, you can keep your site up and running as your traffic grows.


WordPress.org is free, but you can choose a plan through a website host. The amount you pay can be as low as $3 per month or hundreds of dollars per month.

If you decide to use WordPress.com, you’ll have the following plans to choose from:

  • Free: $0
  • Personal: $4 per month (annual billing)
  • Premium: $8 per month (annual billing)
  • Business: $25 per month (annual billing)
  • eCommerce: $45 per month (annual billing)


  • Two versions (one with a free option)
  • Easy to start
  • Very scalable
  • Can do more than just blog
  • Useful mobile app


  • Can be expensive
  • Has a slight learning curve at first

What Is Blogger?

Blogger is a blogging platform that you may know better as blogspot.com. If you see a blog with a subdomain of that, it’s a Blogger blog. However, you can also connect a domain of your own.

I’ve used it for a few blogs over the years. I even started a couple of my other blogs on Blogger before transferring them to WordPress. If you’re not sure if you’ll stick with blogging, I’d suggest using Blogger, especially if you have a Google account since Google owns Blogger.


Blogger is all about blogging, so you can’t get distracted like with WordPress. You don’t have to worry about installing a bunch of plugins. If you just want to write, it’s pretty easy to create a new post.

Then, you can schedule the post or publish it immediately. As I mentioned, you can start blogging for free with a BlogSpot subdomain. You can also buy a domain for an annual fee if you want your blog to look more professional.

The Blogger backend is pretty simple, which can be nice for beginners. Navigating it is easy, and you can set up Google AdSense once you start getting traffic so that you can make money.


Blogger doesn’t have different tiers or plans for you to choose. You can start for free and never pay for the tool.

If you want to use your own domain, I’d recommend buying it from Google Domains for $12 a year or so. That way, it will be super easy to connect your domain to your blog.


  • Free to use
  • Easy to set up
  • Use your existing Google account
  • Simple interface
  • Can make money


  • Only good for blogs, not other websites
  • Not the most professional

WordPress vs. Blogger Similarities

When comparing platforms, it helps to review the similarities between WordPress vs. Blogger. Both platforms can do a few of the same things.

Here’s what you should consider when choosing where to start your blog.

Free Version

One of the best things about both platforms is that you can start for free. If you’re new to blogging, I wouldn’t recommend investing a ton of money. So free platforms can come in handy.

You can always pay for hosting and move your blog later. But if you decide that blogging isn’t for you, you can leave your blog behind. It may still get traffic, but you won’t have to continually pay for a domain or hosting.

Of course, to use WordPress for free, you’ll need to use WordPress.com. It’s not the best platform, but it’s a good option. Blogger is also suitable for beginners or anyone on a budget.

Support Multiple Blogs

Another advantage of both WordPress and Blogger is that you can create as many blogs as you want. I have a few blogs on various topics, and I love being able to separate them and write about multiple passions.

Choosing a niche for a blog can help you focus on what to write about. It can also help readers know if they’ll like most of the content you post. Some blogs can succeed when they combine multiple niches, but they’re few and far between.

You can start a blog on one of your passions for now. Once that blog starts getting traffic, you can start a second blog on the same platform.

Blogging First

Both platforms are best known as platforms to start and grow a blog. Other website platforms, like Wix and Squarespace, support blogs. However, their main function is to create a more static website.

If you want to create a blog, I’d recommend using a blogging platform. That way, you’ll know that you can write more posts. And you won’t have to worry about setting up your site to be more like a blog.

Even though WordPress can host a static website, the default is a blog. You have to go into your settings if you want the main page to be static.

WordPress vs. Blogger Differences

WordPress and Blogger are similar, but they’re not quite the same. As I’ve experimented with both platforms over the years, I’ve come across some essential differences.

Here’s what you should know before you set up your new blog.

Functionality and Flexibility

Both platforms have a good blogging system. However, that’s pretty much all you can do with Blogger. You can set up a few pages, such as an about page or a page with links to contact you.

But if you want to do more with a website, you should use WordPress. You can create multiple pages. And you can use plugins to make your website function like an eCommerce store.

Even if you just want to set a specific home page, you’ll need to use WordPress. Blogger forces you to use your blog roll as the home page.

Potential Cost

Another difference is how much each platform could cost you to use. Blogger is free, so the most you’d ever need to pay for is a domain. If you use Google Domains, you can expect to pay about $12 per year for each domain.

With WordPress, you could easily spend over $500 per year for the highest tier of WordPress.com. I use SiteGround to host my WordPress site, and I pay about $300 a year to host multiple websites.

Other WordPress hosts cost less, but others cost more. Overall, WordPress has the highest potential cost for you. Keep that in mind, especially if you want to create a second or third blog on WordPress.com since you may need to pay for those.


The backend of WordPress vs. Blogger is also quite different. In WordPress, the backend is black and gray with some blue here and there. You can navigate to most things with a menu on the left, but there’s a dashboard as well.

If you use Blogger, the background is white, and the accent colors are orange and black. There’s also a menu on the left side where you can navigate to different parts of your blog.

The post editors are also quite different. WordPress now uses a block editor, unless you install a classic editor plugin. On Blogger, the editor is basically a text box with a few formatting options.

Is WordPress or Blogger Easier?

I’d say that Blogger is probably easier for beginners. It has a simpler interface, and you don’t have to worry about setting up a ton of stuff, like plugins.

However, if you’re willing to go through a small learning curve, WordPress is easier over the long term. You can do more with it without having to write HTML code.

Is WordPress or Blogger Cheaper?

The cheapest version of both platforms will cos you the same amount: $0. But the most expensive version of Blogger is much cheaper.

You’d only be paying for a domain, which is about $10 to $12 per year. Hosting can cost hundreds of dollars yearly.

Is WordPress or Blogger Better?

WordPress is generally thought to be the better blogging platform. Especially with self-hosted WordPress, it’s very flexible so you can do almost anything.

Blogger can be limiting if you want to grow your business past just being a blog. If you want to do that, you’ll need to switch to WordPress which isn’t hard but can be a huge pain.

WordPress vs. Blogger: In Review

WordPress and Blogger are two popular blogging platforms. I’ve used both in the past, and they have unique pros and cons.

Be sure to consider how the platforms compare and differ. That way, you can decide where to set up your next blog.

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