Why Do I Never Get Website Traffic? 11 Reasons

“Why do I never get website traffic?” Have you ever asked yourself this question? You’re not alone, and it can be hard to know what you’re doing wrong.

Why Do I Never Get Website Traffic? 11 Reasons | Hannah Haefele

For better or worse, a few common things can keep you from getting page views. Keep reading to learn what those are and how you can fix the problem.

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1. Your Website Is New

One of the biggest reasons why you never get website traffic is if you just started your website. It takes time for search engines and individual users to learn about and trust your website.

You need to be patient and publish a good amount on your website before you can expect to start getting views. Yes, this time can be very annoying, but it’s worth pushing past this phase.

A lot of people quit and delete their websites before they start to see results. But if you don’t quit, you can eventually start to get more website traffic.

2. There’s Not Much Content

Maybe you’ve had your website for a while, but you still aren’t getting much traffic. Consider how much content your website has that people can access.

If you only have a few articles, a lack of content is probably to blame for your website not getting views. You should add a blog if you don’t have one.

Then, you can target more keywords and lead people to your product or service pages. I’d recommend adding at least one new blog post per week if you can so that you can quickly build up your content library for website visitors.

3. The Content Is of Low Quality

It can be hard to take an unbiased look at your website content, but do your best here. Think about whether your content is actually engaging and interesting or if it’s boring and hard to read.

Low-quality content can be a major turnoff to website visitors. So even if you get some traffic, you could turn those people away and cause them to leave your site immediately.

When that happens a lot, Google takes notice. Then, it will start to show your website in search engines less. So take a good look at your content, and consider improving the formatting or information itself.

4. You Don’t Have a Publishing Schedule

You don’t necessarily need a publishing schedule to be successful. Sometimes, you can publish as much content as you want when you want, and you can make it work.

But if you’re not motivated to create and publish good content, a lack of a schedule can cause problems. You might fall into the trap of only writing blog posts when you feel like it.

Sure, that can work for a hobby blog. But if you want to increase your web traffic, you should publish content on a regular schedule, at least for now.

5. You Don’t Promote Your Blog

Another one of the biggest reasons why you never get website traffic is if you don’t market your blog. Unless your blog is established and already ranking first for multiple keywords, you need to promote yourself.

Marketing can be scary, especially if you don’t like selling or are more of an introvert. However, it’s so worth spending a bit of time on social media to get your name out there.

You can connect with people in your target audience and start to build relationships. Then, when you publish a link to your latest blog post, those people may start to click, and you can get more traffic to your website.

6. Your Niche Is Oversaturated

Part of choosing the right niche for your blog is finding a gap in the market. Now, you can go with a niche with a lot of existing blogs, but you’ll have a huge uphill battle to compete with those blogs.

If you take this route, don’t expect to get a ton of traffic for a while. You’ll need to dedicate a lot of time to publishing quality content and marketing your blog to make a name for yourself.

Alternatively, you could pivot to a less competitive niche or a sub-niche. For example, if you started a fitness blog, maybe you switch to blogging about fitness for single parents, which can make it easier for you to stand out.

7. You Target High-Competition Keywords

If you want to use SEO to get website traffic, that’s great. However, you should be strategic and do a bit of keyword research before writing each of your blog posts.

Look for keywords with at least 100 to 1,000 monthly searches. Make sure those keywords have a low or medium level of competition, especially when you start a new website.

That way, you’ll have a better chance of ranking first in those search results. And if you want even better odds of taking the top spot, search for the keywords, and focus on ones where forums rank at the top. Beating forums is a lot easier than beating other articles.

8. Your Website Has No Backlinks

Another potential reason why you never get website traffic is if your website doesn’t have any backlinks. A backlink is a link posted on another website that leads to your own site.

Getting backlinks from reputable websites in your niche is a great way to boost you SEO. Then, you could start to get more website traffic over time.

It can also help you get more website traffic from people who are interested in your content. This is a great way to see a boost in your website traffic in a shorter period.

9. The Titles Are Boring

As you write the titles of your blog posts, consider if you’d want to click on any of them. If not, you should spend a bit of time rewriting the headline to make it more engaging.

You can use headline analyzer tools to learn what makes a great headline. Run your title ideas through these tools to see how you can improve.

Another option is to review the titles that your competitors are using. However, you should only take their titles as inspiration to come up with your own original titles.

10. There’s a Poor User Experience

You could have the best, most well-written blog posts on the internet. However, if your website is hard to use, you will most likely never get website traffic.

Any traffic you do get, you’ll lose when they realize your site is hard to navigate. Things that can cause bad user experience include:

  • Slow website speed
  • No navigation menu
  • Images or ads blocking the content
  • No mobile version

Luckily, you can easily fix most of these problems. Then, you may see an increase in your website traffic and more specifically in visitor retention.

11. You Don’t Have Social Media

You can start a blog without having a social media account for it. For example, I started a niche blog and didn’t create a specific Instagram account for the blog for about eight months.

However, social media is a great place to build a brand for your blog. You can also build a community of people who love you and your content.

Consider starting an Instagram account for the new blog. Then, you’ll be able to separate it from your existing accounts, and you can promote your blog to the right audience.

How Do I Get More Website Traffic?

The best ways to get more website traffic include promoting your blog and publishing more, high-quality content. Be sure you spend as much time marketing your blog as you do publishing content on it.

If you want to get results faster, you should spend more time on your blog than you already do.

Final Thoughts

If you have a blog, you’ve probably asked yourself, “why do I never get website traffic?” It’s a tough question, and a lot of things could be the cause.

Be sure to consider all of the potential reasons to determine what to change. And if one of the changes you want to make is to use social media, enroll in The Instagram Marketing & Sales Academy to get strategic.

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