Where to Share Blog Posts to Get More Traffic

If you have a blog, you may want the whole world to see it. But to do that, you need to know where to share blog posts so that you can get some traffic.

Where to Share Blog Posts to Get More Traffic | Hannah Haefele

Whether your blog is new or a few years old, you can always learn new places to share your links. Read on for some platforms that are great for bloggers.

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One of the best options for where to share blog posts is Pinterest. You can create different boards, including one specifically for your blog, and you can pin all of your blog posts to that board.

Create other boards for related topics where you can share relevant blog posts. You can also pin content from other bloggers to build up your boards.

Pinterest is pretty good for most niches, but it’s not perfect. On my music blogs, I’ve gotten some traffic from Pinterest, but it’s probably not as much as what a decor or crafting blog might get.


Yes, Facebook can be an amazing tool to help you share blog posts. While you can create a Facebook page and share blog posts to it, I prefer to use Facebook groups.

Look for some groups related to your blog niche. Then, you can request to join those groups (follow the rules, of course), and you can share your blog links on the group’s wall or when commenting to answer someone’s question.

Now, you don’t want to spam a single group or break its rules, or you’ll be kicked out. But if you have multiple groups that you can use, you can share your links more often without spamming.


I’ve recently started using Quora to share my blog posts. You can create a regular social post on Quora, and it will show that to your followers, but you can also ask to post in Quora Spaces.

Spaces are like Facebook groups, so you can find ones related to your niche. However, my favorite way to share blog posts is with an answer to a question.

You can scroll through the questions feed and see if any pop up that you can answer. If you have a blog post, you should still write a short answer, but you can link to the post if people want to learn more.

I’d also suggest answering questions even without a blog link. That can help you build authority in your niche and get some content ideas for future blog posts.


Medium is a blogging platform, so you don’t exactly share your blog post link like you would on social media. However, you can import posts to Medium to syndicate your content and get more people to see it.

You can also write stories specifically for the platform. But instead of writing about anything, write about topics related to existing blog posts so that you can link to them in your stories.

The nice thing about Medium is that you can build an audience on there. Once you reach 100 followers, you can even start to earn money from the content you share on Medium.


If your blog targets working professionals, you may want to share blog posts on LinkedIn. Some people call it “Facebook for work” or something similar.

You can share links to your blog posts on your feed, and people who’ve connected with you can see those links. That may be a good way to get some quick traffic.

If you use WordPress, you can even set it up to automatically share a blog post every time you publish. Then, you won’t have to manually copy and paste the link.


Honestly, Instagram isn’t the best place to share blog posts to get a ton of traffic. But it can still be a good place to share your blog or specific posts to help build your authority in your niche.

If you’re already active on the platform, you can share your blog link in your bio, stories, or even direct messages. I’ve been able to get some traffic, but it does take a lot of work to make that happen.

But maybe you like creating videos and other content for Instagram. In that case, I’d recommend taking the Instagram Marketing & Sales Academy to learn how to market your business (or blog) on the platform.


If you’ve been reading the news or on the platform, you probably know that Twitter is in shambles. But as of this writing, it still exists and can be a nice place to share blog posts.

Twitter can be particularly useful if you have a blog in a more journalistic niche. It’s also useful if you already have a large following on the platform, but I haven’t gotten much traffic from it over the years.

Like LinkedIn, you can automate sharing blog posts to Twitter when you publish on WordPress. That way, you don’t have to log into the platform and share new blog posts all of the time.


A lot of bloggers and online business owners tout the benefits of having an email list. If you do have one or want to start one, you can send links to your blog posts.

People that join your email list generally want to hear more from you. That can give you a better chance of getting people to open and engage with your emails.

You can use a variety of tools, such as Mailchimp, to set up an email list. A lot of tools even let you start for free up to a certain number of subscribers, so you don’t need to invest anything right away.

How to Choose Where to Share Blog Posts

As you start and grow your blog, you need to consider where to share blog posts to get the most traffic. You don’t need to be on every platform because that can take up a lot of time.

The following factors can help you decide if it’s worth using a platform to promote your blog or not.

Consider Your Niche

The first thing that can determine where to share blog posts is what you blog about. Some platforms are much better for a few niches than others.

For example, Pinterest is great for niches like home decor, crafting, or even blogging. But LinkedIn is better for niches like small business or entrepreneurship.

Think about your audience and where they spend their time. That way, you can compare the various platforms and figure out which ones will work best for you.

Experiment With a Few Platforms

As you start to share your blog posts, test out two or three platforms at a time. After a month or so, look at your blog’s analytics to see which platforms gave you the most traffic.

If none were very successful, you can try others. However, some platforms take longer to generate results than others, like Pinterest, but you can also get more results in the future.

Platforms like Facebook can generate a lot of initial traffic, but you have to keep sharing to get more visitors. So try to combine short-term and long-term platforms for the best possible results.

Avoid Paying for Ads

Paying for ads may be a good way to get some quick traffic. But unless you have a massive budget and a good strategy, you can quickly waste a lot of money.

It also isn’t the most sustainable strategy before you’re making good money from your blog. Instead, focus on organic traffic and free methods to share your blog posts.

Those strategies will be easier to keep up with, and they’re better for the long term. Once you start making good money from your blog, you can start to pay for ads.

Be Consistent

No matter where you share blog posts, you need to be consistent with it. That way, you can reach more people who may have missed your previous blog post links.

If you use Facebook groups, you may need to share your links less often unless you build your own group where you set the rules. And on Pinterest, you shouldn’t share the same blog post to the same board over and over.

Make sure to consider the terms and structure of the various platforms. That way, you can follow the rules and give yourself the best chance of getting more blog traffic.

Don’t Forget to Implement SEO

If you want to get traffic to your new blog, you need to share links to your blog posts. But as you add more content to your blog and time passes, search engines can start to index your website.

When that happens, you’ll want to make sure your blog is optimized for SEO. That way, you can start to get passive traffic without having to share links to your blog posts.

Sadly, this can take time, and you may not get much traffic from SEO initially. So don’t stop sharing your blog posts; just combine manual shares with SEO to maximize your traffic potential.

Where Will You Share Your Blog Posts?

Deciding where to share blog posts can make or break your blog traffic in the beginning. Be sure to consider platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Then, you can figure out where your audience is to help get more traffic to your blog. Learn how to monetize your blog to take advantage of the traffic that you’re getting.

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