What Is Google AdSense? A Guide for Bloggers

You’ve been blogging for a few months and love it. Now, you’re ready to start making a bit of cash, so you decide to look into what Google AdSense is.

What Is Google AdSense? For Bloggers | Hannah Haefele

It’s one of the most popular ad networks, and it’s easy to start using, provided they accept your blog. Read on to learn more about how you can use it to turn your blog into a business.

What Is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is what many bloggers use to monetize their websites, especially as beginners. It’s an ad network that allows you to display ads on your site to earn a small amount from every click or impression.

Compared to other ad networks, it’s pretty easy to get into. However, it doesn’t pay as well as some networks, so many bloggers will switch away from it eventually.

Still, it can be a good starting point if you want to monetize your blog. Once you get approved, the setup process is pretty quick and easy.

Google AdSense Requirements

If you want to use Google AdSense on your website, you need to meet a few requirements. While there’s no minimum threshold for monthly traffic, you do have to do a few things.

That means you can’t just create a website today and start showing ads on it. Consider the following requirements you need to fulfill before you can add your first or next blog to AdSense.

Unique, Interesting Content

First, your website needs to have a good amount of content on it. Google doesn’t list how many articles your site should have or how many words the articles should be.

However, I’d recommend posting consistently for at least three to six months. I applied to AdSense about six months after starting one of my niche blogs, and it got accepted.

Now, the key words to this requirement are “unique” and “interesting.” You can’t just copy and paste articles from other websites and call them your own.

Be sure to spend time researching topics within your niche. Then, you can write good quality articles on that subject, which can increase the chances of AdSense accepting you the first time you apply.

Program Policies

Google AdSense also has program policies that you must follow to get into and stay in the program. For one, your website should be easy for users to navigate, and you can’t use deceptive navigation practices.

You also can’t partake in paid-to-click programs or otherwise encourage people to click on your ads. You also can’t click on your own ads or use bots to click on your ads to try and inflate your metrics.

Be sure to review the policies and pay attention to any updates after you get into the program. That way, you won’t break the rules and get yourself kicked out and unable to make money from ads.

18 Years Old

You also must be at least 18 years old to create a Google AdSense account. If you’re a teenager younger than 18, you can get around this by asking an adult you trust to open an account for you.

They can then apply to place ads on your website and manage the ad account. For better or worse, all of the notifications surrounding the account and any money you earn will go to that adult.

So make sure it’s a parent or guardian that you trust and that you know will give you the money. If you don’t know anyone you can trust with your income, you may want to wait until you turn 18.

Why Use Google AdSense

If you want to start monetizing your blog, Google AdSense is an excellent tool. But you may wonder if it’s the right way to go with your blog or website.

I’ve used Google AdSense on a couple of my blogs as of this writing, and I enjoy it. Consider the following benefits of this ad network for bloggers.

Easy to Join

Unlike many other ad networks, Google AdSense doesn’t require that you get a certain number of page views. Now, you do need to spend time creating content before you can get into the program.

However, that’s something that you have more control over. After a few months of publishing blog posts consistently, you can add one extra monetization method to your site.

Also, you can join using your existing Google account, so you don’t need to remember yet another login. I know I have tons of logins to remember, and it’s nice to consolidate them when I can.

Quick to Set Up

Once AdSense accepts your newest blog, you can set things up in just a few minutes. I don’t know how it works with other platforms, but WordPress is super easy.

You can install the Site Kit plugin, which connects Google and its various services to your website. That includes AdSense, and you can also set up Analytics and Search Console for more data on your blog’s performance.

The plugin is free, and it provides a lot of good info. I like that it’s from Google as well, so you don’t have to worry about choosing the best third-party plugin for Google services.

Passive After Setup

Like any ad agency, making money with Google AdSense takes very little work after you set it up. I don’t have to mess with my AdSense account very often.

The only time I do is to check my recent earnings. Now, on one of my blogs where I also sell my own products, I have disabled ads on product pages, but that’s it.

As long as you’re able to bring in traffic to your website, you can earn money. Now, you may not earn a lot, and it’s taken me 10 months to hit the payout threshold, but it’s better than nothing.

Monetize Multiple Blogs

One of the best things about Google AdSense is that you can connect multiple blogs to one ad account. That means that if you want to write about multiple topics, you can make money from all of them.

As you add more blogs, you can also increase your earning potential. Getting traffic to two blogs will almost always result in more views than getting traffic to one.

So if you already have multiple blogs or plan on launching a second blog later, AdSense is great. You just have to repeat the setup process once for each new site you create, but you do have to apply to the program with each site separately.

Why Not Use Google AdSense

As great as it is, not all bloggers use Google AdSense for their display ads. If you’re looking into making money this way, you may want to look into some other networks.

Then, you can determine if AdSense is the best for you or if you may want to change networks at some point. Here are a few drawbacks that come with this ad network.


One of the biggest problems is that the cost per mille (CPM), or what you get paid, is pretty low. Your CPM may be below a dollar per thousand clicks or views.

Now, some niches can make up to around $30 per thousand views or so. But that’s only for things like finance and similar industries, so most bloggers can’t expect to make that much.

Whether you get a few thousand views or a few hundred thousand views, a low CPM can hurt your income potential. Of course, it will affect your earnings even more as you get more website traffic.

Meanwhile, some other ad agencies offer double or triple the rate. You do need to meet certain traffic requirements to get into a lot of those programs, though.

High Payout Threshold

Google won’t actually send you money until you accumulate $100 in your account. As I mentioned, it took me many months to do that, and that was with two blogs.

While $100 isn’t that high, it’s higher than you might like. It’s also a lot higher than other monetization methods for bloggers, like Amazon Associates, which pays you after you accumulate $10.

If your blog doesn’t get a ton of traffic yet, you may not want to use AdSense. You’ll have to wait months between paychecks, and there are many other ways that can pay you more often.

Connection to Other Ad Networks

Many other ad networks, such as Ezoic and MediaVine, consider whether you meet Google AdSense standards. If you don’t, they won’t accept you into their program.

That means if you use Google AdSense and break the rules, it could keep you from using display ads overall. So if you want to use the program, you need to be super careful.

While the connection itself isn’t a bad thing, it does come with some risk to your ability to monetize your blogs in the future.

How Much Can You Make With Google AdSense?

The amount you can make with AdSense depends on multiple factors, from your niche to how much traffic you get. It also depends on if you get more clicks or impressions.

Impressions may pay a fraction of a cent, but a click pays much more. But more website traffic usually results in more earnings from Google AdSense, though not always.

Is Google AdSense Profitable?

Google AdSense can become profitable once you start making more from it than what you spend to run your blog. For example, maybe you pay $10 per month for hosting and $12 per year for your domain.

Once you start to make $11 per month consistently, you can consider AdSense a profitable income stream.

Who Is Google AdSense Best For?

Google AdSense is best for newer bloggers who have yet to cross the minimum traffic threshold for other ad networks. That threshold can be anywhere from 10,000 to 100,000 monthly page views.

Final Thoughts

Google AdSense is easy to use and apply to, so it’s a great first step into the world of blog monetization. Be sure you meet the requirements before you apply.

When you do apply, you’ll have a better chance of getting in. If you’re looking for other ways to make money blogging, check out my full list of ideas.

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