Should You Start a Blogger Blog?

Do you want to blog but don’t have much money? Consider starting a Blogger blog, at least for now.

Should You Start a Blogger Blog?

You can always move your blog later. But for now, it doesn’t hurt to use Blogger to get your thoughts out on paper (or a screen).

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What Is a Blogger Blog?

A Blogger blog is a website that you host using Blogger (formerly Blogspot). Google owns Blogger, so you can use your existing Google account to create the blog and publish posts.

The blogging platform lets you choose from a few templates to design your site. Then, you can add posts with text, images, and other media types.

Why Start a Blogger Blog

Starting a Blogger blog can be a good option. I started my first two blogs on Blogger before moving them each to WordPress.

If you’re looking to start a blog, consider a few advantages of choosing Blogger as your platform.

Free Option

One of the most significant advantages of Blogger is that it’s free to use. If you don’t want to spend any money, you can create a blog, and you can even start to make money from it.

It’s the only free option that lets you monetize your content. There are some limitations, but it’s a good place to start. You can make enough money to cover hosting and a domain before you pay for those things.

Now, you can pay for a domain when starting your blog on Blogger. If you use Google Domains, it’s super easy to connect your domain to your site.

Easy to Export

After you get some traction, you may decide to move your blog. Like I mentioned, I moved from Blogger to WordPress. Doing so was pretty easy because you can export all of the files for your blog posts.

Then, you can upload the file using a plugin. That makes it really easy to get your blog up and running on a host like SiteGround. You do have to redirect your Blogger blog, but that’s not too hard.

I searched for a piece of code on Google to redirect everything. You just paste that into the HTML of your Blogger site, and you’re good to go.

Owned by Google

If you use the internet a lot, you probably have tons of accounts. The idea of making a new account for hosting can be overwhelming. But you probably already have a Google account.

Using Blogger is as easy as logging into Google. Then, you can create your first blog and write a blog post right away. Even if you don’t mind creating more accounts, Google is trustworthy.

Having that name behind Blogger can give your blog some credibility. That makes it even easier to justify starting your blog.

Why Not Start a Blogger Blog

While Blogger is a great choice for some blogs, it’s not perfect. Before you set up your site there, consider some of the drawbacks.

Then, you can decide if the cons are worth dealing with.

Some Limitations

Like any free platform, Blogger has some limits. For example, you can’t put content behind a paywall or password page. You also can’t sell digital downloads or other products directly on the site.

If you think you may want to turn your blog into a business, you should consider using something like WordPress. The platform is very easy to customize to meet your needs.

Now, Blogger may be perfect for some blogs. If all you plan to do to monetize it is use ads and affiliate links, go for it. Just keep in mind that it can limit you down the road.

Not as Professional

Blogger blogs also aren’t as professional as WordPress blogs. It can be easy to tell if a site is hosted on Blogger. And they don’t always look as good as WordPress blogs.

You can do some stuff to make your Blogger blog look better. But you can only do so much before you need to use a lot of code. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to have to do that.

Also, if you want to eventually use an ad network aside from AdSense, you can’t use Blogger. You’ll need to use another platform that works with those ad agencies.

Hard to Customize

You can choose from some templates. But I had a hard time figuring out how to change the colors. You probably can if you do some experimenting with everything.

Overall, though, it’s a lot easier to customize a blog on WordPress. You can use the included theme or find one elsewhere. That way, you can make your blog look more unique and professional.

How to Set Up a Blogger Blog

If you decide that a Blogger blog is right for you, you should use it. But you should first learn how to set up your blog.

That way, you can increase the chances of your blog seeing success. Here are the steps you need to take when creating a blog on Blogger.

Log Into Google

First, you’ll need to log into your Google account. If you use the search engine regularly, you probably already are logged in.

But it doesn’t hurt to check, especially if you have multiple Google accounts. I have some university emails from college, for example. So I’d need to make sure I’m in the correct Google account.

Once you’re in the right account, go to your home page. Click on the set of nine dots in the top right. You may see Blogger there, but if not, scroll until you find it.

Start Your Blog

Now, you can click on New Blog to create a blog. Create a name, and connect a domain if you want to. If you don’t connect a domain, you’ll use a subdomain on

Follow all of the prompts on the screen. You can choose a template and other design elements.

Create Your First Post

Once your blog is set up, it’s time to write your first post. Click on New Post to bring up a text box. You can add a title and start writing the body of your article.

Writing in Blogger is pretty easy. However, you can also write in Google Docs or another tool and copy and paste your work. That’s a good idea if you want to write a few posts before starting your blog.

Either way, you want to make sure the blog post looks good. Then, you can publish it right away or set a time to schedule it to post.

Blogger vs.

Before you start a Blogger blog, consider how it compares to blogs. Both platforms are free to use and come with some limitations.

If I had to choose, though, I’d go with Blogger. It has fewer limits, and it’s easier to export your blog to move it later. Also, you can’t monetize a blog on unless you choose a paid plan.

Blogger vs. is the version of WordPress that is much better. It’s also sometimes called self-hosted WordPress. That’s because you need to pay a third-party to host your site.

However, this type of WordPress is better than Blogger. It has fewer limitations, and you can run an entire business on a blog or website.

How Much Does a Blogger Blog Cost?

A Blogger blog can cost nothing or the cost of a domain. That means you can pay $0 or at most, like $12 per year.

You don’t have to pay for hosting, which can add up and be quite expensive, usually in the hundreds of dollars per year.

Will You Start a Blogger Blog?

Starting a Blogger blog is an excellent way to write online. But it’s not the best option for everyone.

Before you start your Blogger site, consider the pros and cons. Then, you can decide if it’s a good choice for you.

And if you decide against it, check out some other blogging platforms to consider.

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