How to Import Blog Posts to Medium

If you’ve been blogging for a while, you probably have a ton of content. But you may not be getting the views you want, so you may decide to import blog posts to Medium.

How to Import Blog Posts to Medium | Hannah Haefele

Then, you can take advantage of the large platform for writers. Read on to learn how you can syndicate your content to the website and app.

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How to Import Blog Posts to Medium

You’ve written a blog post that you’re super proud of and want the world to see. While publishing it on your blog is great, you may want to import that blog post to Medium.

Then, you can take advantage of the built-in audience on the platform to get more views. Here are the steps I take whenever I want to import blog posts to Medium from my own blogs.

Copy the Post Link

First, you’ll need to navigate to the blog post in question. Then, highlight and copy the link to the blog post from the browser bar.

Alternatively, you can copy the blog post link from your list of posts in your WordPress dashboard. Right click on “View” and click “Copy Link Address” to get the link.

Go to Your Medium Stories

Next, you’ll want to open your Medium account and click on the Stories icon on the left. At the top, you should see a white button with black text that says “Import a story.”

Click on that and input the copied blog post link from your own website.

Clean Up the Formatting

Next, I’d recommend you go through the imported story and check for formatting issues. I know when I import blog posts to Medium, there are always a few weird spaces and line breaks.

It also usually imports all headings at the same time, so you may need to change any smaller headings. You can also upload any images that didn’t transfer over.

Make sure you like how everything looks before moving on.

Add Tags

Now, you can finalize your story for publication. You can choose to self-publish the story only to your Medium profile, or you can add it to a publication you created or submit it to a publication you’ve written for before.

Add up to five tags to help Medium categorize your article and show it to the right people. If you’re part of the Medium Partner Program, you can choose to paywall your story.

You can also choose to share it with any Medium email subscribers. Finally, you get to publish it right away or schedule it, unless you’re submitting it to a publication you don’t control. And you’re done!

Why Import Blog Posts to Medium

Medium is a blogging platform where you can share your stories and articles. You can import existing blog posts or write new content for the site.

However, if you don’t have time to write content just for Medium, sharing your other blog posts is great. You can get more views on your content, and you can even monetize your posts once you get enough of a following.

Here are a few benefits of syndicating your existing blog posts to your Medium account.

Get More Views

Medium has a built-in audience, and it can distribute your content to more people. This is particularly helpful when you’re just starting a blog because it probably won’t get many views.

However, your content can still get in front of people who can benefit from it. Those people may also notice the name of your blog that Medium adds to the bottom of the post.

Some of the viewers may click on your blog link and check out your other posts. So it could indirectly increase the traffic on the site that you own.

Repurpose Your Content

Managing multiple blogs isn’t easy, especially if you’re doing all of the work yourself. You can create a realistic content schedule on your blog, and you can import all of those posts to Medium.

Then, you can appear active on both platforms without having to do a ton of extra work. If you want to build a Medium page but also want control over your stuff, doing both is a good decision.

Increase Your Earnings

Maybe you started blogging for fun, but now you want to make money with it. If you share your blog posts to Medium, you may have a chance to earn more income.

Of course, higher traffic means you can get more clicks on any affiliate links you include. But once you reach 100 followers, you can apply to join the Medium Partner Program.

Then, Medium will let you paywall your articles. Whenever a paying Medium member reads your articles, you’ll get a small portion of their membership fee.

Improve Your SEO

Another reason to import blog posts to Medium is to help your SEO ranking. Medium has a high domain authority, which means Google and other search engines trust it.

If you republish your blog posts on Medium, Medium will include a link back to your blog. That may start to help your own website rank higher in search results.

Over time, you may start to get more views on your website than your Medium stories.

It’s Quick and Easy

Probably the best reason to share your blog posts on Medium is that it doesn’t take much time. Sure, it’s annoying to have to fix formatting errors.

However, it still only takes me a few minutes to correct those problems and get my blog post on Medium. That way, I’m able to enjoy all of the other benefits.

Can You Import Blog Posts to Medium in the App?

I don’t believe you can import blog posts to the Medium app. You could copy and paste the text from your blog post, but you’d still need to go into the article settings and add the link to your own blog.

To do that, you have to use the browser version of Medium, and that’s not ideal on a mobile device. So it’s just easier to get out your computer or tablet.

Can You Import Just Any Blog Post to Medium?

You can import any blog post that you want to Medium. However, you should only import content that you own and are legally allowed to publish.

Final Thoughts

If you want to grow your blog, you should import blog posts to Medium. Then, you can reach more readers and increase your earning potential.

Want to syndicate your content even more places? Consider some of the best blogging platforms!

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