How to Choose a Blog Name: What to Consider

Before you rush to start a blog, you need to choose a blog name. A name may seem small, but it can make a huge difference.

How to Choose a Blog Name | Hannah Haefele

Choosing the right name can help you grow your blog. Meanwhile, the wrong name may keep you from getting your blog off the ground.

Read on to learn how to choose a blog name you won’t regret.

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Consider Your Name

One of the first blog name ideas you can choose from is your name. If you have a relatively common name, this might not work. Someone else has probably already purchased the domain for your name.

However, I have a pretty rare last name. When I bought my domain earlier this year, I didn’t know how I’d use it. But I’ve made a career for myself as a freelance blogger, so I decided to create a blog about blogging.

You can use your name to build a personal brand. If there’s something you want to be known for, using your name is great. Of course, you probably won’t be able to sell the website or blog.

Think About Your Niche

Another way you can choose a blog name is to use your niche. I did this with my blog called Piccolo Perfection. The blog is all about the piccolo and other small flutes.

You can come up with a lot of clever names depending on your niche that you want to blog about. Write down a list of words related to your chosen niche.

Then, you can pick adjectives or other words that pair well with the topic you’ll blog about. You can also choose a few words based on your niche and not use adjectives or other phrases.

Combine the Two

Another option is to combine your name with your niche. I did this with my blog and brand Hannah B Flute. At the time, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use my last name since it’s hard to say and spell.

So I used my much easier first name and middle initial. Then, I added the word flute. On that blog, I talk about anything related to flutes and flute music.

Combining your name and niche is a good option if you want to turn your blog into a personal brand. It’s also smart if you have a common name and can’t buy your first and last name as a domain.

Research the Competition

You can use good old Google or Pinterest to find existing blogs in your niche. Don’t click on the blogs (at least not yet). Instead, pay attention to the names of the blogs that rank highly in search results.

As you find competitors, write down their names and URLs. You’ll want to do more in-depth research as you start to come up with blog post topics.

But for now, you just need to learn the names. Consider what blog name ideas stick out to you. You shouldn’t copy any of your competitors, but you can get ideas to help you choose a blog name.

Determine the Vibe

Another essential factor to consider is the vibe you want your blog to give off. Maybe you want to launch a blog where the main audience is working professionals.

In that case, you may want to go with a more professional name. But a mommy blog might have a more playful name. Think about the types of people you want to attract.

Put yourself in their shoes, and come up with some potential names that you think would resonate with your ideal audience. Write down some of your favorites.

Keep It Short

As you choose a blog name, make sure it’s pretty short. Ideally, your blog name would only be two to three words long. Shorter names are generally easier for people to remember.

They’re also faster to type into a browser to visit your site directly. If your blog is too long, people may not remember the name. That could cost you a lot of traffic over the long term.

Once again, look at the names of the most successful blogs in your niche. Consider how long those blog names are. Use that to inspire how long you make your blog name.

Use an Acronym

Maybe there’s a blog name you really love, but it’s a bit long. A great way to use it is to turn all or part of it into an acronym. Then, you can use the full name as the site title.

But you can use the acronym for the domain and social accounts. You can use an existing acronym or create one yourself. Bonus points if the acronym you create is easy to say and spell.

You can get as creative as you want with acronyms. But you don’t want to turn away potential readers. Make sure your blog name isn’t offensive or can come off that way.

Make It Easy

Before you choose a blog name, make sure it’s easy to say and spell. This can be hard when you’re using your own name. After all, I’ve used the name Hannah Haefele for all of my life.

But I know a lot of people struggle with the last name when they first meet me (it rhymes with “safely,” by the way). So yes, I broke my own rule for this blog, but you may have to if you want to use your name.

My other blog names are easy to say and spell. That means my readers can share my blog with others without sending the link. If your name is too hard to pronounce, people might not share it as much.

Attempt Alliteration

You can also use alliteration to help choose a blog name. I did this with Piccolo Perfection since both words start with the same letter. That helps make the blog name more catchy.

Go back to that list of words related to your niche. Think of other words with the same letters. You can pair words together to see what looks and sounds good.

In some cases, you may find the perfect name. But you might find that nothing works well. All of the words you can pair together sound odd or don’t give off the vibe you want your blog to have.

Check a Thesaurus

If you’re struggling finding words to make an alliteration, pull out a thesaurus. You can look for words that you like or that give off your ideal vibe for your blog.

Look at the list of synonyms to see if there are any that start with the same letter as your chosen niche or topic. See if that word pairs well with your niche.

You can also use a thesaurus regardless of alliteration. If you want a more unique adjective, you can search for a more common word. Then, you can learn about a ton of alternatives you might not have thought of.

Translate a Word

You can also use Google Translate to find words in other languages that have the same first letter as your name. Or maybe the Spanish translation gives off a better vibe than the English word.

Now, translating the entire blog name can confuse people. You may get a lot of traffic from people who speak Spanish, for example. But if all of your blog posts are in English, you’ll lose those visitors.

Similarly, people who speak English may think your blog isn’t for them. At most, I’d translate only one word of your blog name. That way, you can enjoy more options but keep from upsetting people.

Plan for Growth

When you start a blog, it’s better to start with a small niche. But as you start to build an audience, you venture outside of that topic. If you want to do that, you need to choose a blog name that will allow flexibility.

Using Piccolo Perfection as an example, I can talk about other small flutes on there. But I can’t expand into other members of the flute family or to other woodwinds.

That could potentially limit the growth of that blog. You can make it work in a small niche, but give yourself (and your blog name) room for growth so that you don’t have to change the name later.

Poll Your Audience

If you already have an audience, ask them for thoughts. I’d only do this once you come up with a few ideas. Then, you can create a poll in your Instagram Story.

Ask your followers to choose between a few blog name ideas. You don’t have to go with the most popular choice. But knowing what ideal readers think could help you choose a blog name.

If one name gets 0 votes, that’s a good sign you shouldn’t choose it. But if another option gets dozens of votes, you may want to name your blog that. Just make sure you consider votes from your ideal readers and not just your friends and family.

Visit a Blog Name Generator

Maybe you’ve tried everything but still can’t choose a blog name. You can use a free blog name generator tool. Input the main keyword for your blog, and it will show you some options.

The list includes available domains that you can buy. That way, you don’t have to worry about coming up with names that already exist.

If you see a domain you like, go ahead and purchase it. Even if you’re not ready to launch your blog, you can nail the domain. You won’t have to worry about your competitors taking your name idea.

Review Social Media

Before you buy a domain, I’d recommend doing a quick social media search. Check all of the popular platforms from Instagram to TikTok to PInterest.

If the blog name you want is taken, you have a few options. You can buy the domain if it’s available. But you’ll need to alter the name if you want to use that social platform.

Another option is to slightly change the blog domain you buy. But that still comes with the potential for confusion. I’d recommend just picking a different name that’s available on all platforms.

Head to a Domain Registrar

Once you settle on a blog name, you need to confirm the domain is available. I use Google Domains to buy and register all of my domains for my blogs.

They don’t charge extra for domain protection, so you can keep your contact information private. Other registrars will charge extra for that service.

You can also register a domain when you buy website hosting. If you go with SiteGround, you can get a free domain for the first year. Then, you don’t have to worry about pointing your domain to your host.

Is It Hard to Choose a Blog Name?

It can be hard to choose a blog name. You may struggle to come up with any name ideas you like.

On the other hand, you might come up with two names you like equally. But the sooner you pick one, the sooner you can launch your blog.

What If the Blog Name You Want Is Taken?

If someone else has taken the blog name you want, choose something else. That can be devastating, but it’s not worth copying.

The other blogger could sue you for copying if you slightly alter the name. It’s better to choose a more unique name because that can also help you set yourself apart.

How Will You Choose a Blog Name?

If you want to start a blog, you need to choose a blog name. That way, you can make your blog memorable.

Be sure to consider a variety of options, from your name to the topic your blog will cover. Then, you can choose a unique name that you love.

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