How Many Blogs Should You Have?

If people can make a living from one blog, imagine how much you could make with multiple. But how many blogs should you have?

How Many Blogs Should You Have?

You can have too many blogs, but some people can handle more than one at a time. Consider a few factors to decide on the right number of blogs for you.

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Your Interests

If you want to blog about a couple topics, consider if they’re related. For example, you may want to start a blog about gardening and cooking. Those could work on one blog.

However, maybe your two main interests are gardening and personal finance. You could make that work if you stick to the finances of gardening.

But it may be a better choice to split those topics into two blogs. That way, you can narrow each blog to its specific niche.

Your Budget

Next, you should consider how much money you can or want to spend on blogging. If you want to start a professional blog, you have to pay for a domain and hosting.

A domain costs about $10 to $15 per year. Hosting can start at $50 a year and easily reach the thousands. If you have multiple blogs, you’ll almost certainly have to upgrade to a more expensive hosting plan.

When I moved my second blog from Blogger to WordPress, I had to change plans with my host Siteground. My monthly expenses went up, but I’ve been able to make a bit of that make in income.

Your Time

Of course, blogging takes time. You probably won’t see success overnight. It may take a year or longer before you get a decent amount of traffic and any earnings from your website.

You need to set aside time to write all of the blog posts for your blog. But you also have to spend time promoting those posts. That way, you can get people to your blog.

If you don’t have the time, consider hiring writers. But if you do that, you’ll need to budget money for it.

Start With One Blog

When starting your first blog, I’d recommend starting one blog at a time. Then, you can figure out if blogging is for you. If not, you can shut down the blog and not lose much money or time.

But if it is for you, you can use this blog to learn how to get traffic and how to write good posts. After a while, you may choose to start another blog.

At that point, you’ll know the basics. You can implement what you learned with your first blog. Then, your next blog may see success much faster.

Consider Using Your Name

You may want to use your name for the domain and the blog name. That way, you can change the focus of your blog. You might decide you want to broaden your niche.

If you choose a blog name based on the niche, expanding might require you to buy a new domain and rebrand the whole thing. But you’ll always be you, so you can use your name no matter what.

You could also use your domain to point to your different blogs. That way, people can learn more about specific things you do.

How Many Blogs Should You Have?

It’s not easy to find the answer to “how many blogs should you have?” Beginners should stick to one blog. However, experienced bloggers may want to expand with new niche sites.

Be sure to consider your time and budget. Then, you can figure out when it’s time to start a second or third blog.

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