Best Online Business Tools for Your Side Hustle

Do you want to make money with a side hustle from home? You need to use the best online business tools to get started on the right foot!

But what are these tools? They range from apps and plugins to physical tools to help you get your side hustle venture out there.

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If you want to start an online side hustle, you may need a website. Sure, you can start with social media and freelance platforms.

But as you grow, it never hurts to create a digital “home” for yourself. I use SiteGround to host my various websites and blogs, and the service is great.

Downtime is super rare (if it happens at all), and their customer support is helpful. You can start with a smaller plan and upgrade as you grow your side hustle.


Once you set up your WordPress website, you’ll need a theme. The default theme can work, but I switched this site and one of my other blogs to the Astra theme.

A good theme can help you design your site easily and set it apart from the competition. You should be able to customize the colors and other visual aspects.

There are tons of themes out there, so you can swap them out when you want to redo the design and look of your website.


Maybe you’re not much of a writer, but you know how important it is to have a blog. You can use an AI writing tool like Rytr to at least get you going.

A good AI tool can help you with the outline as well as the draft of your blog post. Just make sure you go in and edit it so that it sounds like you.

And doing so can also help train the AI to write even better blog posts in the future. Gone are the days of spending hours writing a blog post (or any other written content).

Easy Digital Downloads

One of the best side hustles you can pursue is selling digital products. And you can do that right from your new website with Easy Digital Downloads.

Sure, there’s a free version, but upgrading gives you access to cool features. You can connect your shop to your mailing list, or you can set up subscriptions and recurring payments.

That way, you can maximize your earnings and get more information to help grow your sales. So give it a try today, and see what you can create and sell.


Maybe you want to do more than create downloads. If you want to offer an online course or coaching program, you’re going to want to try Teachable.

You can create courses, memberships, and even downloads. So if WordPress isn’t your preferred website platform, you can still sell just about anything.

The platform is super easy to use both from a creator and student standpoint. That can make it easier to convince people to learn from you and purchase your courses.


If you’re not a graphic designer but still want to create good visuals, you should use Canva. The platform is free and easy to use for professionals and non-professionals.

You can use it to create blog graphics to share on Pinterest and social media. And it’s also useful for editing photos and videos.

There’s a mobile app and a desktop version, but I prefer to edit in the desktop version. Still, the mobile app is nice for downloading files directly to my phone.


Take your content and schedule it to go on social media when you’re busy. Use a tool like Later to plan your content in advance.

You can use it with a variety of social platforms, from Instagram to Facebook and more. The plan you choose will dictate how many posts you can schedule per month.

Either way, you can also use the platform to save media to share. And you can save captions, which is great if you want to use different sets of hashtags.


Even as you start, you should have an email list that you’re building. This will include your biggest, most loyal fans, and they’re the perfect audience to sell to.

I’ve started using ConvertKit, and it’s super easy. You can create a landing page to use to collect email addresses, and you can then start sending campaigns.

As you grow, you can even pay for a plan that lets you use automations. That can help you get sales basically on autopilot as long as you get people to join your email list.


When you start a side hustle, you’re working for yourself, which means finances are on you. And one of the best online business tools to track that is QuickBooks.

I’ve used QuickBooks Self-Employed for about five years, and it’s super helpful. You can track your income and expenses, and it will estimate what you need to pay in quarterly taxes.

Plus, you can easily import the data into TurboTax at the end of the year. And if you drive at all for your side hustle, you can track your mileage as well.

MacBook Pro

I’m currently writing this post on my MacBook Pro. I use it for everything from creating blog posts to editing graphics and other media.

Whether you use Mac or Windows, a good computer is essential for growing your side hustle. You can use it to communicate with clients or promote your content.

Sure, a lot of tasks can be done on a smartphone (and maybe they’re even easier on mobile). But it never hurts to have a good laptop or desktop computer.

iPhone Pro

When it comes to filming videos or taking photos, I use my iPhone 13 Pro. But like with the computer, you can use any smartphone that you like.

A good mobile device is also useful for sharing your content and promoting yourself on social media. Some platforms, like Instagram and TikTok, are easier to post to from your phone.

And of course, you can transfer files between your phone and computer as needed. This is particularly easy for Apple users with things like AirDrop.


Another one of the best online business tools is a tripod, like the one from Fotopro. You can use it to stabilize your photos and videos.

I got the Fotopro tripod specifically because it works with smartphones. You don’t need a professional camera to set on it.

So whether you want to film some TikToks or create content for clients, it’s super useful. And it’s easy to set up and take down if you don’t have a dedicated filming area.

Final Thoughts

When starting your side hustle, you should invest in some of the best online business tools. Be it an app or a service, these things can set you up for success.

And if you’re interested in how to actually market your business with these tools, enroll in The Instagram Marketing & Sales Academy!

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