7 Best Digital Products to Sell Online

Do people come to you with the same question over and over? If so, you may want to look into the best digital products to sell so that you can turn those questions into profit.

7 Best Digital Products to Sell Online: Your Guide | Hannah Haefele

You can also save yourself time by not having to answer the same thing over and over. Read on to learn about some ideal digital products to create.

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1. eBooks

One of the best digital products to sell is eBooks. They’re relatively easy to create, and you may even be able to put one together in a few days, depending on the subject matter.

Unlike a fiction book, your eBook doesn’t have to be super long. You could even repurpose some old blog posts and expand on them to make your eBook more valuable but also save time in creating it.

I’ve created a variety of eBooks for one of my other blogs, and they’ve gotten some sales. Speaking of which, the low price can make it easier to generate your first sale.

How to Create

I like to write the bulk of an eBook in Google Docs. Then, I’ll export it as a PDF and create a PDF cover in Canva, and I’ll combine the two files into one to upload to my website.

When I’m ready to upload a file to my website, I’ll do so with the Easy Digital Downloads plugin. While the plugin is free, I upgraded so that I could connect it to Mailchimp to help track sales via email marketing.

General Price Range

eBooks usually have a relatively low price point. You could sell them for as little as a couple of dollars or up to $30, depending on how much content there is and if you’ll include any bonuses.

Some people will use eBooks as lead magnets and offer them for free in exchange for an email address. Either option is good, but I personally wouldn’t offer all of the eBooks I create for free.

What It’s Best For

An eBook is an excellent digital product for smaller scale things. For example, maybe you want to teach your audience something really specific.

If you can explain something in a few chapters, create an eBook out of the idea. Then, you can sell it to your audience at a more affordable price point compared to some other digital products.

Who It’s Best For

I’d recommend creating an eBook regardless of your niche. It can be a nice choice if you’ve never made a digital product before because it doesn’t involve a ton of work.

You can turn just about anything into an eBook. Maybe there’s a blog post you could expand on, so you write more sections to create extra chapters. Then, you can charge a bit of money for that extra knowledge.

2. Printables

Another one of my favorite best digital products to sell is some sort of printable. This can include anything from a planner to a wall art quote to sheet music.

The specific printable you’ll create should be relevant to your blog niche to make it easy to sell. For example, you won’t see me sell sheet music on this blog, but I have on my music industry blog.

Think about what you blog about and if you can create a printable resource to help your audience. Then, you can sell that download to your readers to generate a bit of income.

How to Create

The way you create a printable may depend on the type of file it is. For example, I’ve created some printable wall art quotes simply using Canva.

But if I want to arrange some sheet music, I’ll use music notation software. After I have the file ready, I’ll do the same thing as I do with an eBook and use Canva to create a cover page before combining the files.

General Price Range

I’ve seen printable items go for a huge range of prices. Simpler things, like wall art, will usually only sell for a few dollars per piece, but you can sell a bundle to increase the value and charge more.

On the other hand, you may find a printable planner that costs upwards of $20. It depends on the value the file offers and how much content there is inside.

What It’s Best For

A printable is an excellent way to produce planners, sheet music, and workbooks. While more and more people are using technology for these things, some still use paper.

The good news is that you can just create a PDF file for people to download. Then, they can print off the pages they need or simply use the file on their tablet.

Who It’s Best For

You should create a printable if you’re in a niche that lends itself nicely to a planner or tracker. Musicians can also create sheet music, and artists can design wall art.

There are a lot of ways you can take printable resources. If you understand basic graphic design, it’s a good way to start creating and selling digital products.

3. Workbooks

A similar digital product to a printable is a workbook, which you can print. I’ve downloaded a handful of workbooks from other bloggers, and I’ve created some myself.

Workbooks are great for more interactive things, and you can sell them alone or in a bundle with an eBook, for example. You can create a workbook on almost anything.

Selling a workbook can be a great way to motivate your audience to take action. It’s one thing to read about how to do something and another to actually have guidance in getting started.

How to Create

You can create a workbook in Google Docs, Canva, or any other design or word processing program. The program you use may depend on what you’re comfortable with.

I’d use something like Google Docs if I want to include more text. But if you want something more visual and not much text, Canva can be a great option. Then, export the file as a PDF to sell to your readers.

General Price Range

The amount you charge for a workbook is going to be relatively low, but it can vary based on the number of pages. I’d charge about $5 to $30, depending on those factors.

You can add more value to the workbook by including a related eBook. Or you could add other printables and make a big bundle to make it worth a higher price.

What It’s Best For

A workbook is best for a product that involves a lot of questions and participation from the reader or client. You can include some more informative sections, but you’ll also add interactive parts.

I’ve come across workbooks for things like a business plan, goal planning, and similar concepts. But you may be able to create a workbook for just about anything related to your blog niche.

Who It’s Best For

Selling workbooks is great for a lot of niches and topics. I’d say it’s best for anyone who blogs about business, personal development, and other growth-related subjects.

But it could also work for niches like foreign languages, music, and other things you’d learn in school. You could include a workbook with a course to give people more ways to learn.

4. Workshop

Maybe you want to teach something that involves some real-time interaction. Or it’s a topic that you can’t really teach effectively through the text of a workbook.

You could turn that idea into a virtual or in-person workshop. Most bloggers will start with a virtual event because you can attract people from all over the world.

Of course, you’ll make money from hosting the event, but you can also record it. Then, you can sell the replay to increase your earning potential, making this one of the best digital products to sell over and over.

How to Create

If you want to offer a workshop, you’ll need to come up with a topic and develop an outline. Then, you’ll need to choose a platform to host the workshop, such as Zoom.

Be sure to set up a checkout page so that people can pay you, and you can send them the details for the event. You’ll also want to have a nice filming setup so that it looks professional.

General Price Range

You can usually charge more for a workshop compared to the previous digital products. It involves a bit more work from you, and you have to be working at a specific time.

However, I’d probably lower the price slightly for people who buy just the replay. They’re missing out on live interaction with you, so they shouldn’t have to pay as much as the live attendees.

What It’s Best For

A workshop is the best digital product to sell when you want to interact with your audience. It’s also useful if you expect people to have questions that you want to answer.

Another great reason to do a workshop is for a more visual tutorial. You can’t always show steps in a workbook or eBook, so a workshop can be a nice alternative.

Who It’s Best For

Teaching a workshop is best for bloggers with established audiences and who are comfortable on camera. You need a loyal audience because you could waste your time filming for an audience of 0.

I also think it’s important to be comfortable on camera because that will make you look better. People can judge, even if it’s not right, so you may want to practice filming yourself before you do the live version.

5. Audio Series

Another one of the best digital products to sell is an audio series. It can be similar to a workshop, but you only have to worry about the audio and not the visuals.

This is similar to recording an audio book or a podcast. But you can break up the recordings into smaller files, which will be easier for you and your audience.

I don’t have much experience with an audio series, but it can be worth trying. It’s a good alternative if you don’t mind talking to a mic but freeze up when you set up a camera.

How to Create

Creating an audio series is similar to creating other products in that you’ll need to choose a topic and make an outline. You can also write a script for the audio.

If you have trouble selling an eBook, you could easily turn it into an audio series by reading it. Make sure you have a good microphone and audio editing software to polish the final thing.

General Price Range

Like any other digital product, the price you charge for an audio series depends. Consider how much content you have and how valuable it is to your audience.

You can even run a poll or do a beta round and ask people how much they’d pay for the product. Then, you have a place to start when you launch the recordings.

What It’s Best For

An audio series is best for something where you want your audience to hear your tone of voice. It’s pretty similar to a book in that you don’t have to teach live.

However, you may find that people misunderstand the written version. Your voice and tone can be a great tool to clear things up and avoid confusion.

Who It’s Best For

An audio series is best for people who have a podcast and are comfortable speaking into a microphone. You may also need some audio editing skills or money to hire an editor.

6. Course

Many people seem to be creating online courses these days. I’ve taken a fair share of online courses, but I’ve never launched one to the public before.

The nice thing about a course is it’s very flexible. You could teach live or pre-record all of your lessons. And you can choose to teach with videos, audio, text, or a combination of them.

Unfortunately, courses sort of have a bad reputation for being scammy. That means you’ll need to provide a ton of value and show that to potential students to make sales.

How to Create

To create your course, you’ll need to choose the format. Then, you’ll want to settle on a course platform, such as Teachable, which is where you’ll host your course files and make sales.

Set up your school and lessons, and add the various files to fill out your program. Many course platforms also allow you to build a nice sales page right there that you can link to from your website.

General Price Range

You can usually charge a lot more for a course than many other digital products. I’ve seen courses that cost around $100 and others that cost multiple thousands of dollars.

The specific price depends on how much material you include and the file formats. It can also vary based on any bonuses you include, such as access to a student-only Facebook group.

What It’s Best For

A course is one of the best digital products to sell when diving deep into the chosen topic. That way, you can have enough material to fill out multiple lessons and modules, which will help make the course worth the price.

You can teach a lot of things through an online course, from a musical instrument to business basics. Be sure you have a broad enough topic but also a specific goal the course will help students achieve.

Who It’s Best For

You should have a loyal audience before creating a course. It’s also important to have experience helping others or to have gotten the results yourself that you promise in the course.

That could mean working with clients for a while, or it may mean doing the work to get results for yourself. Either way, that will provide credibility and make it easier for people to trust you.

7. Membership

Another one of the best digital products to sell is a membership or subscription. This is where you add new content each month to help your members reach a specific goal.

You can create a membership out of a course, which is especially nice for topics that are always changing. For example, you could create a membership where you teach people about social media algorithm updates.

People will want to keep paying for the new information. That means you also have a more stable income compared to many other digital products.

How to Create

The easiest way to create a membership is to run it like an online course. You can use a course platform to host all of your materials, and you can turn off access after a month to older materials.

Be sure to consider how you want to deliver the materials. You’ll also want to figure out how much new material you can create each month so that you can stay on track and keep from losing subscribers.

General Price Range

You can charge monthly or annually for a membership. From what I’ve seen, monthly fees are anywhere from $5 to $100, depending on the program.

Annual charges can be anywhere from $100 to more than $1,000. Again, this depends on the program and all of the information you’ll provide.

What It’s Best For

A membership is best for topics that regularly have updates or changes, such as social media. You can also create a membership for something that requires ongoing individual or group support.

That will make it easier not only to get members but to keep people in the group. If a course isn’t enough to cover the topic, turn it into a membership and add a new lesson or two each month.

Who It’s Best For

Selling a membership is best for people who are able to work on their blog or business full-time. You’ll need to create more content regularly for the membership program.

It’s not ideal if you want to be able to take months off at a time because you can lose money. But if you have a consistent schedule or can batch your content, you can make it work.

Final Thoughts

If you want to increase your blogging income, you should look into the best digital products to sell. You can make a lot more per sale compared to ads or even affiliate marketing.

But creating products involves more upfront, unpaid work. If you’re willing to take on that risk, you should start with something small, like an eBook.

On the other hand, if you’re not ready for digital products, consider other ways to monetize your blog.

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